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“The Story Of Us:” My Relationship with Taylor Swift and Her OG and Re-Recorded Music

HELLO, Mr. Perfectly Fine and all the other masterpieces that make up the 26 song tracklist to Fearless (Taylor’s Version).

On April 9, Ms. Taylor Swift blessed our ears with the re-recorded version of her album “Fearless” called “Fearless (Taylor’s Version).” The album also includes six new songs “from the vault.”

Taylor announced in 2019 that she planned to re-record her first six albums after the masters of them were sold to Scooter Braun (Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande’s manager) without her even having a chance to obtain them herself. So, Swift wanted to re-record them so she could own the masters to those versions. A QUEEN.

Once again, Taylor Swift is running the music industry.

“Fearless” was the first of these albums to be released. “Love Story (Taylor’s Version)” was the first single off the album that dropped just before Valentine’s Day earlier this year.

As someone who grew up on the original “Fearless,” this has been such a nostalgic and emotional experience.

When these songs came out, I was 9 years old and I didn’t really understand what they were about but I thought “You Belong With Me”’s music video was a cinematic masterpiece (which guest starred our beloved cowboy hottie, Travis from Hannah Montana the Movie, Lucas Til).

I sang along to them because I thought they were catchy and Taylor Swift was my idol. However, I could not relate to the words I was singing as the only heartbreak in my life at this time was still not being able to get past that one level in the Ratatouille Wii game (Yes, I owned that and Yes, it was one of the hardest games, in my opinion).

Having these songs be re-released when I’m 22 has been such a whirlwind. Not only can I relate to them now, I can pour myself a glass (or bottle, depending on how we’re really feeling) of wine and cry while listening because “been there, done that.” I can imagine how much more emotional this process must have been for Taylor because she was 18 when the original “Fearless” came out and she is now 31.

Even before the re-recordings were a thing, after high school, whenever I heard “Fifteen,” I would always say to myself, “Taylor was right. I should have listened to her.” Listening to “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)” has been like that but on steroids. I didn’t think “Hey Stephen” could get any better but I was certainly wrong. “The Best Day” is a sweet song written about her mom. Those two have been through a lot (including Andrea’s cancer battle) since its original release and I only imagine how much more meaningful this song must be for them now.

I have been a fan of Taylor Swift’s since I was 7 years old and heard “Teardrops on My Guitar” for the first time on a cd that my older cousin burned for me. Taylor Swift’s “Speak Now Tour” was my first concert (Unless we count Barney & Friends Live?). I luckily have seen her 2 other times since (would have been 3 this past summer, THX Covid).

Without sounding too cheesy,Taylor Swift has always been there for me. Her music has gotten me through some of the lowest points in my life and has been the soundtrack for some of the highest points.

Having all these songs being re-recorded is so monumental. Some people think she is just doing it for clout and to make money and win awards off her old music. However, that is not the case.

First, she is doing it to take ownership of all these songs SHE wrote and made as a talented teenage girl in her journals and notebooks NOT Scooter Braun. Taylor Swift is reminding us that artists have the right to own their work.

Second, she is taking us all on a trip down memory lane. This is a trip that we didn’t know that we needed. Taylor is also allowing us to create new memories or associations with these songs.

So, whether you are like me and reminiscing and getting extreme nostalgia OR it’s your first time hearing these songs, I hope you realize how “fearless” and special this process really is.

Lastly, Taylor, thank you for just being you and all that you do. It really is your world and we’re all blessed to be living in it.


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