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The Real Life Inspiration Behind the Costumes in Netflix's Shadow & Bone

Netflix shows have been upping the game when it comes to fashion. From Bridgerton’s historical costumes to Stranger Things’ trendy 80s looks, Netflix's costume teams haven’t disappointed. The new Shadow & Bone show, which aired this past week, is no exception. Here are a few of the best looks from the Grishaverse and the real life cultures that inspired them.

How could I not start off this article talking about keftas? For those of you unfamiliar with the books or the show, a kefta is a garment that a Grisha wears when they are

in the Ravkan Second Army. For a fictional country based on 1800 Tsar

Russia, the costume designers nailed it. Thick and long enough to protect from the cold, it’s not only the material but the patterns themselves that were inspired by Imperial Russian clothing (pictured left) and their intricate details. Look at the two and tell me honestly, can you even spot the difference?

Next up we have the flawless costumes of the Grisha’s enemies, the Fjerdans.