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Bridgerton Is Going to Make Bodice Ripping Accessible Fashion Cool Again

Fashion is ever evolving. What’s “uncool” today might be popular tomorrow (I can only hope, though, that this doesn’t apply to low-rise jeans anytime soon!). But there’s a famous saying I’m sure we hear time and time again, and it is, “what goes around comes around.”

And this is to be taken literally.

I mean, we’re going back at least 200 years.

I’m talking about a time when there were Dukes, ballroom scenes and coming-out parties.

I’m referring to Netflix’s new show Bridgerton.

The aesthetic movement the show is making famous is called ‘Regencycore,’ and it’s taking over TikTok. ‘Regencycore’ revolves around showcasing early 1800’s-style femininity. There’s corsets. Empire waistlines. Puffy sleeves. Bright colored dresses adorned with floral prints and sequins. Extravagant headpieces. Elbow length gloves.

PC: bridgertonnetflix
PC: bridgertonnetflix

And, in the shows’ case, the Duke of Hastings.


Bridgerton is bringing the era back to the fashion scene just in time for the spring and summer season. The show may just be historical fiction, but some TikTok users are already living out this Regency-era-fashion-fantasy.

The great thing about ‘Regencycore’ is that you don’t have to go all out for it to fit into the aesthetic. Rather, you can find pieces inspired by the show and time period with a more modern twist (at a killer price, too).

custom regency jane austen 3 strap headband ($29.00 USD) from MattiOnline (Etsy)
sweetheart corset top with blouson sleeve ($35.00 USD) from ASOS
sweetheart neck ruched bust puff sleeve floral dress ($18.00 USD) from Shein

If quarantine has you wearing sweatpants and baggy t-shirts, the start of the spring season will have you wanting to dress like an 1800’s noble person. Quarantine may not be over, but it’s time for a fashion reset.

...Or more like a fashion rehash?

And, who knows, maybe in the midst of all the corsets and puffy sleeves, we will find our own Duke of Hastings along the way.


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