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The Lessons I've Taken From Loved Ones

Growing up, I never had the luxury of having a huge family. This might sound like a weird life aspect to miss out on, but I always used to envy my friends that had millions of cousins that they were close with. On the other hand, I’ve grown to appreciate the small, intimate size of my family. When all else falls apart, they all know me better than I know myself. I would rather have those close connections than a large group of people where you can get lost in the midst of things.

That being said, when I think about the best advice or life lessons that I have received, they are all from my loved ones in my family. It’s a good feeling to be surrounded and lifted up by good people, and some of the best people I know are those that I am related to. Appreciating and highlighting the important people in my life is beyond important to me. Even though a couple won’t be able to read this, their lessons live on and permanently remain in my heart.

In reflecting on the inspiring messages I have received from my family, a couple really stand out to me. In reading this, I hope at least one person will be able to take in these words from my family and possibly translate it to their life. We all do not have the gift of being surrounded by supportive people in our lives, and if this is the case for anyone reading, my family is your family here. Their lessons are free and take as many as you need. These are the words I believe best describe their mark on the world.

My Mom:

My Dad:

My Brother:


My Aunt:


My Grandma:


My Grandpa:



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