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The Forgotten Side of the Friendzone.

Friendzone: the real heartbreak.

I’m sick and tired of hearing “nice guys finishing last” or about how they’re perpetually stuck in the "friendzone" with their female friends.

We always hear from that side of things, but what about all the girls who thought they had a genuine friend, when in reality, they just had someone lurking and looming over them, waiting for this girl to agree to sleep with said friend. That’s the real heartbreak.

I hear all this shit on TikTok from boys being like: Ladies, if you have best friends that are male, every single one of them has thought of sleeping with you, has WANTED to sleep with you and probably would in a heartbeat if you agreed.

Like ????? It’s almost as if boys don’t view us as multidimensional beings and can only see us through one lens.

It really feels like they’re essentially saying that the only reason to have a woman in your life is to use them… for sex?

And I’m not shaming the boys who shoot their shot with a friend. I understand feelings arise and you can’t help how you feel about someone. I’m talking about the men who strike up a friendship with a woman under false pretenses, and then once he gets denied, claims “I can’t be your friend anymore, then.” Because now I just lost someone who I thought was a genuine friend, and that hurts.