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The Evolution of Britney Spears Iconic Style

From sexy school uniforms and latex body suits to mismatched swimsuits, Britney Spears has created many one of a kind looks that have defined many eras of pop culture.

Oops!.......She did it again, Britney Spears has resurfaced in the media recently due to her ongoing conservatorship scandal and it doesn’t seem to be coming to an end any time soon.

Though this is a difficult time for Britney stans everywhere, I think it would be lifting and positive to look back at some of her best looks from her era of influence.


Source: Pinterest

Who could forget the iconic look from the music video that started it all? The school uniform was redefined and made sexy by Spears during her music video “Hit Me Baby One More Time.” It was the start of an era of celebrity and all things Britney.

Source: Pinterest

The infamous red latex bodysuit (created by costume designer Michael Bush) was etched into history when Britney released her hit Oops I Did It Again released in 2000. The suits sleek sex appeal was new for Britney at the time and created an entirely new image for the teen star.

2010’s BRITNEY

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This post nervous breakdown era of Britney Spears saw less of a groundbreaking approach to her style and music. Britney of the 2010’s was more processed and she created hits that were arguably very similar to the other pop artists of the time. Her style could be considered less groundbreaking considering the attire new pop icon Lady GaGa was wearing at the time.


Source: Pinterest

Britney Spears' aesthetic today is a bit hard to decode as it’s “all over the place.” Her spontaneous instagram videos and mismatched outfits created quite the stir as many questioned whether or not the pop icon was “okay”.

No matter what era of Britney Spears you enjoy the most, we can all agree that she is one of the most legendary pop icons today. She is a pioneer of pop culture and the celebrity culture that we know today. We can only hope that the Britney we all adore so much will be freed soon!


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