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The Cringe and the Meh In the New Gossip Girl Reboot

Will the new Gossip Girl reboot live up to the legacy of the original drama?

Gossip Girl Reboot, Luna, Monet, Audrey, Max, Julien, Aki, Otto and Zoya

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the 21st century, you must have heard of the 2000's TV show Gossip Girl, described by Netflix as: Rich, unreasonably attractive private school students do horrible, scandalous things to each other. Repeatedly. So brutal, yet so true. This show was a huge success back in the noughties, and in 2021, HBO decided to reboot it for this generation. The first half of season one aired in July of this year, with the second half airing throughout November and December.

The reboot takes place eight years after the original, so no one really remembers (spoiler alert) Dan Humphrey's not-so-little secret project. The show revolves around nine people on the rich Upper East Side, all living and loving within the same snooty private schools and elite circles. But according to Joshua Safran, one of the creators, while the reboot takes place in the same setting as the OG, the story will take a different approach.

Well, people spotted these differences as quickly as Gossip Girl spotted Serena Van Der Woodsen in Grand Central. And viewers aren’t as excited as HBO imagined—almost everyone thinks the show is everything but good. Perhaps it’s because of the high expectations and the constant comparison to the old GG, but as soon as the reboot aired, social media exploded with lots of—ahem—“feedback”.

(Spoilers ahead if you haven't seen the reboot yet.)

The Plot

Gossip Girl reboot teachers, Tavi Gevinson

The plot itself is a mess and poorly written. Viewers (myself included) found it very strange that the instigating antagonists are a bunch of teachers who decide to meddle in their students' business—just because they don't behave. It seems a little extreme—and pervy, and illegal—for these teachers to stalk their students after school hours, revealing their secrets, sex tapes, and more just to “humble” them.

Julien and Zoya