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The Bucket Hat: Hit or Miss?

Is this early 2000's trend a sensational hit or an undoubtable miss?

Source: Unsplash

Prada launched their Men's spring summer 2022 collection this week and the centerpiece of the collection was undeniably the BUCKET HAT. This collection has established that the bucket hat is a trendy accessory at the moment.

Though Prada released this collection recently, the bucket hat has been popular over the last few years due to the new wave of early 2000’s based streetwear trends. These trends have included everything from baggy jeans and baguette bags to tiny strap sandals and tube tops.

The bucket hat solidified its roots within early 2000’s fashion when celebrities such as Lindsey Lohan, Justin Timberlake, and Puff Daddy were all photographed sporting the bucket hat.

Source: Pinterest

Though the bucket hat is celebrity approved I can’t say that it is fashion editor approved.

How anyone could be attracted to the bucket hat bewilders me and puts into question whether or not the individual has style. As a fashion editor, I've seen many trends come and go but the bucket hat has overstayed its welcome.

The hats' rounded top and abnormally sized brim are a huge turn off for me.

As you’re reading this you’re probably thinking “If Prada did it, why can’t I?” The answer to that is, not all designers make good decisions. I’ve witnessed several collections from designers that have made me question whether or not they should have creative control.

I believe designers sometimes become too influenced by marketing and lean more towards designing what would sell over staying true to the brands aesthetic.

Though fashion is supposed to be fun and give the individual the freedom to express themselves through clothing, it’s important to establish a style that speaks to who you are and is timeless. I would stray from trends at all costs.

That being said…..I would say the bucket hat is a MISS.


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