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The Best and Worst Looks of "Ru Paul's Drag Race" Season 13

Looking back on the four months of runway looks season 13 gave us.

In the depths of my Hot Girl Pandemic, Miss Ru Paul and her now 18 seasons of “Drag Race” became my latest obsession. Or as my sweet, misinformed mother calls it, Ragu Roadshow.

If you’re not familiar with “Ru Paul’s Drag Race,” think Project Runway meets American Idol meets America’s Got Talent. Drag Queens from around the country - and world, now that there are UK, Canada, Australia, and other international versions of the show - audition to be crowned America’s Next Drag Superstar. The best of the best queens are chosen to compete in a number of challenges including sewing, acting, improv, dancing, and lip sync battles.

After binge-watching twelve regular seasons and five seasons of “Drag Race: All Stars,” I settled in to watch my first season of Drag Race in real-time. And what an experience season 13 was, for more reasons than COVID-19.

“Drag Race” season 13 began on January 1, 2021, and wrapped up on April 23 after 11 years. This season polarized the fandom between those who thought it was the most talent-filled season yet and those who just wanted it to end. Love it or hate it, season 13 gave us some of the best and worst fashions the "Drag Race" runway has ever seen.


First, because it’s funnier.

LalaRi’s Bag Ball Eleganza

Episode: The Bag Ball

Photo: Entertainment Weekly

Let's start with the unavoidable: If you watched season 13 at all, or came across a "Drag Race" meme in the past few months, you know I have to talk about it.

Lord, bitch. My mouth dropped when Lala walked out in this.

Once upon a time, back in season 5, Santino Rice said Alyssa Edwards had the worst dress in "Drag Race" herstory. If only he knew.

It’s...not even a piece of fabric.

Kandy Muse’s Beast Couture

Episode: Pop Goes The Queens

Is it fashion? Ehhh. Is it iconic? Absolutely. That's drag.

Elliot’s Fascinating Fascinator

Episode: The Snatch Game

Photo: Instagram, @therealelliottqueen

The left leg of this looks like those cursed pants we all wore in 2007.

Rose's Makeover Look (By Tina Burner)

Episode: Freaky Friday Queens

Photo: Instagram, @omgheyrose

Does it even matter what the rest of the outfit was?

Tina Burner's Bag Ball Eleganza Episode: The Bag Ball

Remember Ronald McDonald? This is him now.

I know I’ve read Tina twice now. I am, in fact, a Tina STAN.

But bestie what is this.


Like, really good.

Utica Queen’s Bag Ball Eleganza

Episode: The Bag Ball

Just for reference, Utica made this in the same amount of time Lala Ri put bags on her body.

GottMik’s Finale Look

Episode: Grand Finale

Photo: Twitter, @gottmik

I think about this dress at night. I see it when I close my eyes. How am I ever supposed to dig through TJ Maxx racks again for a halfway-decent dress when I know this piece of art exists in the same reality.

This dress is on par with Violet Chachki's season 8 finale look.

Arguably one of the best “Drag Race” looks of all time.

Olivia Lux’s Yellow Gorgeous

Episode: Social Media: The Unverified Rusical

Photo: Instagram, @theolivialux

Petition for more Olivia Lux in yellow. C’mon Truffula Tree sleeves.

Denali’s Bead It

Episode: The Snatch Game

Photo: Instagram, @denalifoxx

In the words of Monique Heart, STUNNING.

Rose’s Drag Excellence

Episode: Gettin’ Lucky

Hot take: I lived for all of Rose’s 80’s fashions. This, however, is indisputably IT. Representing your heritage and looking fabulous is always in style. I am in love with this, regardless of the way it triggers Ru Paul saying Lawrence Cheney on a three-hour loop in my brain.

Symone, always.

Episode: All of them

Symone is a look fect’ry. She brought it every. single. time. on the runway.

Long Live the queen.


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