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The 3 Stages of Grief: Supernatural Edition

Maybe we can handle the finale in a way that DOESN’T involve attempting to sell your soul to a demon. Yes, I tried. No, they’re not buying.

**Before I go further, if you haven’t caught up on the show, I recommend leaving this article like Sam left Dean in purgatory. Hit a dog if you have to, because there are spoilers ahead you won’t be able to unread.**

For those of us who have traveled on the road so far, and have no idea how to deal with existence now that we’ve reached the end, know I’m right there with you.

I know this is hard but the Winchesters' were good at preparing us for one thing.

Them dying.


Without fail.

Like every season finale...

Okay so MAYBE we’re a bit traumatized, and MAYBE we should know how to cope with Sam and Dean dying by now, but cut us some SLACK!

We all know Sam and Dean are as committed to staying dead as they are to long term relationships (and if you’ve made it to the finale you know that shit isn’t long).

But that was then, this is now.

There are no more episodes, no more “get-outta-jail” cards, no more deals with demons or non-consensual angel possessions...this is it.

This is the end.

With that said—ladies, gentlemen, and hunters of all kinds, hoard your tissues and protect your snacks, because I’m about to tell you how the fuck we’re gonna survive our final Winchester apocalypse.

Step One: Denial

“Carry On? Never heard of that episode. Huh? I don’t remember Dean Winchester ever having a metal rod shoved into his back, do you?”

This may have been one of the greatest and emotional death’s Dean has had. I’m not saying I’m happy he’s dead—far from it—but the confession, the moment with Sam, it was just so tragically beautiful.

If I didn’t elect to lock this scene up in a box and throw it into the empty or in the cage with Lucifer (y’know, to preserve my sanity), I’d argue it ranks up there with Sam’s near death in the season 8 finale, "Sacrifice".

Dean saying, "There ain't no me if there ain't no you." Fucking ICONIC.

But your job isn’t to dwell on the tragic, yet well written, death of Dean. If you wanna survive, your job is to deny it.

Dean isn’t dead.

Dean never died.

The last episode of Supernatural was season 15 episode 19, “Inherit the Earth”.

We killed God, Jack brought Cas back from the dead, and the world went back to the way things were.

Denial’s just a river in Egypt.

Step Two: Bargaining

“You can have my soul if you give me ten more seasons—What do you mean I’m being unreasonable?!”

I can’t seem to find any demons willing to make a deal, so maybe if it’s more of a group effort, they’ll be down.

Just one more episode.

Maybe Sam and Dean catch up with Cas in heaven, or maybe they just spend all day doing taxes for the first time?

Whatever the deal is, make sure they know we'll do anything to see our boys together on screen again.

Step Three: Acceptance

“Dad’s on a hunting trip, and he hasn’t been home in a few days.” –Dean Winchester

You know what the best cure for a series finale is? Taking your ass right the fuck back to the pilot.

Yup. I’m talkin’ season one: episode one; back when one demon possession was the scariest thing they dealt with, and the most stressful plot line was finding their father.

Don’t just stop there, rewatch the whole series! If you can handle the ending without feeling like you’re dying inside, then travel down that road and embrace Carry On! But if you’re like me (and will break if you have to watch that beautiful end again) then stop at episode 19, "Inherit the Earth", and let fan-fiction take you to whatever end you desire!

So to the goodbyes that never last long, and all the adventures we’ve had along the way, I say carry on my spn family.

Carry on and always keep fighting,

Draco Rose


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