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How to Become Fluent in Dirty Talk

Talking dirty is so much more than a JAAAAYSSOOON Derulo song. It's fun. It's hot. It's exciting. Although it may be scary at first, below are tips and tricks on how to speak this sexy language. Trust me after reading this, you'll be fluent.


Nothing is worse than silence in the bedroom. Those mute minutes (or hours), can really suck. And not in a fun way.

That's when talking dirty comes to the rescue.

Although talking dirty can really add some flavor to your sheets, sometimes breaking the silence can be intimidating. Especially for those who prefer to keep their mouths shut in the bedroom.

Whether your partner is new or you've been married for 25 years, dirty talk can appear to be uncomfortable, awkward, or even scary. I'm sure you can remember the famous episode from the sitcom Friends when Ross had the vulva moment...


Trust me, I’ve been in Ross's position. Not fun.

In my past, I've tried to bring up the concept of using ~spicy vocabulary~ during sex. Sometimes responses were not always the greatest.