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Swipe Through the Heart

Dating is hard, but choosing the app shouldn't be. Here's an app breakdown to help you decide which is best for you.

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Sometimes, finding love online can feel less like a dream and more like a nightmare. It’s hard to know what pictures to post, what to say in your bio, or if the person you're messaging is really who they say they are (nobody likes a catfish).

Now, the biggest question: which app should you choose?

When I first started getting into online dating, I was overwhelmed (like when did someone create a dating app for cougars????). I ended up downloading the three most popular of the group–Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge–in an effort to figure out which was the best dating app for someone’s first time online dating.

1. Tinder

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If you’re looking for_____

A.) Someone who can give you a screaming orgasm

B.) Dirty sex with someone who probably won’t remember your name in the morning

C.) The best after-a-night-out sex of your life which may end in a hospital visit (#chlamydia)

Then congratulations, Tinder is for you!