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Self-Growth Should Be Your Summer Goal, Not Self-Care

The concept of self care started strong, but has now become a superficial push for consumerism.

Summer has always felt like the perfect time to change the routine. Maybe you've invested on adopting a morning skin care routine or built a TBR (to be read) list of summer books. During these three months of intense heat and pool side days, we somehow crave less and less for rest and more to work.

But self care has been transformed by social media into a consumerism trap. When it took the form of $30 scented candles or creams in tiny ass bottles, the concept of self care got lost in the greed of companies. Instead, focus on growing internally and you'll experience a bigger transformation than what a CVS facewash can do.

Self-Growth Begins with a Plan

I know planning can feel like a drag, but it's important to know where you want to get before you even try getting there. Take a rest day before you begin and spend it thinking about habits you want to build. It's important that you phrase your goals positively to change your mindset. For example, don't say "I want to stop feeling so tired" and instead say, "I want to get more restful sleep." This slight change will set your mind up to success before you even start.

You Need to Buy Anything to Start. Growth Happens from Within

Am I the only person who needs a whole new activewear wardrobe before I start a health journey? We are geared to think that real change requires an X amount of dollars spent. You don't need a scented candle to relax, you can look up meditation or yoga videos for beginners on Youtube. However, there's a difference between purchasing something as encouragement or as a reward. This is when buying some cute activewear clothes can make a difference! But don't use this as an excuse to not start on your goals.

We Grow Day to Day, Not Overnight

The difference between self-care and self-growth is the time frame. Since the need to consume took over self-care, we feel like change needs to happen instantly. If you rely on instant gratificat