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Beautiful Moments of Seeing Myself Reflected in Media

Different types of media have the power to evoke strong feelings in all of us. Whether it's television, film, literature, or music, it is a beautiful concept that we are able to connect to characters, words, and the works of others. Part of the human condition is that we are plagued with feeling alone sometimes or feel as though we are at a distance from others. This is why it’s meaningful to find works of art or characters that seem to reflect you as an individual; as if they were made for you.

Reflecting on what I have felt connected to in different types of media, representing this visually seemed to fit rather than just making a list. Hopefully, this inspires other people to think about what moves them and lights their fire. It’s a liberating feeling to read or see content and think “Oh wow, that’s exactly what I am feeling right now.”

My list of relatable characters, music, and poetry capture all of the different parts of me and made me realize that we are all immensely multifaceted.

Movie characters:

Jenny from the film Someone Great goes through heartbreak and has to figure out how to get back on her feet. One night she searches for her ex boyfriend in a crowd at a club and ends up seeing him. I chose a still from the film during the first moment she saw him since the breakup, and moments after, they both mouth “I love you” to each other across the crowd. When I watched this for the first time, I definitely related to her anxieties in the film. Jenny is a strong character, but she has her moments of vulnerability and nostalgia of the past. The sharp contrast of missing someone but realizing that those moments are gone is hard to come to terms with. I related hard to her desperate need for closure, but then realizing that she does not need someone in order to be whole. It’s interesting when a strong person becomes so weak for someone, and Jenny’s character spoke to me through her struggles with this. She represents my strong character but vulnerable side when it comes to relationships.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower is a film that brings forth many strong feelings of growing pains and becoming acclimated to your world. Charlie’s character in particular resonated with me through his soft and gentle nature. He goes through life often putting the feelings of others before his, paying more attention to those he loves rather than himself. Charlie also loves people unconditionally, even if he has no reason to. I relate to him in his humbleness, selflessness, and his ability to remain kind through his struggles. Charlie represents my people pleaser side and my need to make sure that the people around me are okay, even if I’m not.

When asking my brother if there were any characters that he sees me in, he compared me to Sheryl Yoast, the coach’s daughter from Remember the Titans. He said, “She’s a character that knows what she wants and doesn’t take no for an answer. She’s also very ambitious and lets people know she's there.” I definitely see how Sheryl represents my tenacious side and the part of my personality where I’m very declarative. She also accepts everyone no matter what their background is. I feel seen through her ability to capture a crowd with her unapologetic nature and the fact that she has no fear in telling people how it is.

Poems / Words :

Quote from: unknown

Quote from: Milk and Honey

Quote from: unknown

Quote from: unknown



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