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Primetime Wine

Here's how to pick the best wine for each occasion!

When you put college and wine together you end up with Pink Moscato. The cheap, college starter wine that everyone loves for that’s sweet and gets you a little buzzed. Being a college student it's normal to not know much about wine. What kind of wine you would like? What kind of wine to order when you're out? What type to pick up for a good wine night with friends? Here’s a list of wines to try that might match well with your taste buds, or pairs perfectly with your favorite meal and also in the budget of an ordinary college student.

Barefoot Cabernet Sauvignon is a well-known dark red wine with a rich but slightly bitter taste. For a someone who doesn’t drink wine, this wine may be too strong for you. This type of wine matches a more experienced wine drinker with a refined, laid-back personality. Personally, this wasn’t my favorite wine but if you don’t have a sweet taste bud this is for you. The small version of this bottle is $6.99 and the larger bottle is $12.99. It is better served room temperature rather than chilled.

Barefoot Sauvignon Blanc is white wine for $6.99 for a small bottle and $12.99 for a large bottle. It’s not that strong and may be a good starter wine for some but it is an acquired taste. It isn’t as bitter as Cabernet but it also isn’t sweet and it is best served room temperature. I often use this wine when making my shrimp Alfredo, I use it to when I sautée the shrimp to enhance the flavors in the seasonings.

Villa Jolanda Moscato Series have a variety of fruity sparkling wine with flavors such as Coconut, Passionfruit, Pineapple, Mango, Peach and Strawberry. Out of all these flavors in this collection I would recommend Pineapple. I don’t recommend this wine if your taste buds are sensitive because it is very acidic. My personal favorite is the Pineapple because it’s very flavorful and with a kick of sparkling, it has an original taste this wine. I have also tried the Strawberry flavor has a light sparkling taste but a very recognizable taste of strawberry. The Passionfruit flavor is light, but the flavor of passionfruit does not particularly stand out.

Quady Electra White Moscato is my favorite wine out of all wines listed. It has a very crisp taste, almost like white grape. It’s not too sweet and it is best served chilled. Although, this wine is light, the taste is amazing and pairs well with a nice salad or seafood pasta. This wine is only $11.99 and also comes in the choice of red wine.

Bartenura ‘Blue Label’ Moscato is my personal, and absolute favorite Moscato wine of all time. It has a very crisp, refreshing taste that pairs with someone who likes sweet but not too sweet. This slightly sparkling white wine is $13.99 a bottle and is a great start for someone to getting into wine. This wine pairs really well with seafood or pasta because it’s light and it doesn’t weigh you down when eating heavy foods. I have also recently tried Bartenura Malvasia which is a fruity tasting, sparkling wine for also $13.99. This wine is best served chill enhancing the flavors or raspberry, strawberry, and cherry is very rich.

Banfi Rosa Regale Sparkling Red is a sweet, dark red wine with a lightly sparkling but rich grape taste. This is definitely a great wine for dinner parties and you want to impress your guest. This bottle is $19.99 and definitely worth it. Great for a steak dinner or baked chicken dinner.

All the wines listed above are great selections to try especially for someone getting into the culture of wine. We are in the prime years of our 20s! It's time to learn new things and find new interests along the way.


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