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Phoneboy’s Self-Titled Album is a Refreshing Twist To Your 2014 Indie Playlist

Wyn, James, and Ricky are bringing 2021 Gen-Z spice to the indie-rock game.

Photo: Phoneboy on Spotify

Last week, I had the chance to talk to the members of indie-rock band Phoneboy about zodiac signs (“I’m a Scorpio but a real Gemini at heart,” said Wyn), Pokémon Go teams compared to vaccine shots (Johnson & Johnson is Team Mystic, btw), and their upcoming self-titled album, “Phoneboy.”

Wyn, James, and Ricky look like average college students. They love basketball, playing video games, and recently, making jorts. But unlike average college students over the past year, the members of Phoneboy have avoided the Zoom-induced pit of despair and wrote an entire album, made a music video, AND managed a full college course load.

Phoneboy dropped their single “Nevermind” featuring Justin Magnaye on March 18, 2021—a year after life as we knew it came to a halt. The band began recording the single in October 2020, and their full album is set to be released later this month, on April 23. You might have heard their song "1987" on TikTok if your scary-accurate algorithm grouped you into people who draw themselves as anime characters.

Back in February 2020, just before the world ended, Phoneboy performed a release show for their “Handheld” EP. “We had one show, and it was the best show we’ve ever done, and then we had to stop,” James said.

Rather than let the pandemic stem their progress, however, the band pushed on to produce their first full album. Covid brought about the option to rent out an entire AMC theatre, so an empty theatre became the set for Phoneboy’s latest music video. The “Nevermind” video was filmed in February, and released just two months later on April 7, 2021.

The band has been working on the “Phoneboy” album for over a year, and their main goal was to say “come check us out” with this album. Most of the songs from the album, like Wyn and James' mutual favorite track, “Cocolalla,” can already be found on streaming platforms. Ricky’s favorite new track is set to be released with the rest of the album.

James and Wyn have been making music together since they met in middle school in the California Bay Area. When Wyn began studying music at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ, he met part-time quantitative finance major, full-time guitarist Ricky. James moved to New York to study math and economics at Fordham a year later, reunited with Wyn, and Phoneboy was born.