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Crystals Are Not Just Pretty Rocks

How crystals can be used for healing in any situation.

Photo: The Guardian

Like the sun provides energy to plants, the moon’s gravity aids in makin’ waves, and certain animals make for great therapeutic partners, crystals and stones also do their part to support us right back. The use of crystals dates back thousands of years, and were used in Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and Indian culture for healing. This healing component stems from crystals having different wavelengths of energy depending on the color of their mineral composition. Do you notice how on a dark, cloudy day you feel more down and unproductive compared to a sunny, warm day? Certain colors elicit different emotions. (Blue is related to relaxation and red has a stimulating effect!)

Over the frenzied pandemic period, many of us discovered the impact crystals have on our bodies and minds. We’ve learned to lean on the energy of crystals to help us with our health, mindset, and emotions. For example, many people have used crystals in meditation by holding the crystal in their hands for a grounding effect with the world. Another popular and simple way to include crystals in your life is by carrying the crystal of your choice around with you in either your pocket or a small bag. For healing purposes, crystals can be put on your body to activate certain chakras (energy points in your body).

While many of us have returned back to school and are in the process of resuming our normal lives, here are some crystals to help with situations you may encounter!

For school & work:

Clear Quartz — cleanses, helps focus and concentration.

Blue-Green Apatite — structures thinking, brings disordered ideas into greater focus, helps concentration and multitasking.

Kyanite — releases mental blocks.

Purple Fluorite — encourages structured thinking, enhances mental focus and concentration.

For love & dating:

Red Tiger’s Eye — awakens sexual energy.

Pyrite — helps with male sexual issues, enhances sexual vitality.

Emerald — stimulates love, brings love into life.

Rose Quartz (popular!) — bathes body with feelings of love, increases fertility, attracts love into life.

For self-love & confidence:

Ruby — renewed energy and strength, courage, confidence.

Carnelian — brings courage when faced challenges.

Malachite — personal power, self-confidence.

Pink Sapphire — helps express love for oneself.

Amber — positive mental attitude and self-confidence.

For stressful situations:

Sunstone — lifts depression and anxiety.

Yellow Jasper — lifts emotional anxiety, encourages positive thinking.

Chrome Diopside — helps body recover from trauma, releases stress, enables relaxation.

Aquamarine — soothes grief and loneliness.

Lavender Quartz — peace and stability, eases stress and tension.

For illness:

Moss Agate — boosts recovery after period of illness.

Amethyst (popular!) — eases headaches and migraines.

Silver — strengthens body against infection and immune dysfunction.

Azeztulite — clears chronic patterns of disease.

For more information refer to books Crystals by Jennie Harding or The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian (I use these & I recommend!)


*Disclosure: Crystals should not be used as a replacement for medical treatment. In the case of serious illness seek medical attention.*

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