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Noah Schnapp Is the Realest Child Star You've Ever Seen

The 17-year-old may be one of the youngest of his "Stranger Things" co-stars but that doesn't mean that fame has changed him all that much. If anything, Noah Schnapp is the realest young celebrity the Internet has ever seen.

Photo: Instagram @noahschnapp

Since the release of season four of "Stranger Things," the superstar cast has been making appearances everywhere, virtually setting the internet on fire. From Gaten Matarazzo's upcoming film "Honor Society" to the genius TikTok remix of Joseph Quinn yelling 'Chrissy, wake up!', the series and its actors are gaining plenty of attention.

Out of every piece of news though, one of the most surprising bits was a subtle TikTok reveal of Noah Schnapp's summer job; the child actor isn't on a movie set but working as a real lifeguard.

Normal Teen Noah Unlocked...

Posted by a fellow lifeguard, the TikTok shows several teens dancing to a Fortnite song with the first one undeniably being Noah. Fans immediately grabbed onto the video, amazed and curious at the actor's very normal summer job.

And of course, it isn't all for show either. Since the reveal, Noah's fans have posted non-stop about the teen's goofy and humble nature. It's clear that from the start of his career, Noah Schnapp has been completely himself. Schnapp's genuine personality shines through whether it's in interviews with Jimmy Fallon or on Instagram lives where he completely forgets that he's actually live.

Noah and Fame

Despite his modesty, Noah's fame is unquestionable. His role as Will Byers has catapulted him into full-on success, especially as one of the only gay characters in his series. Although his TikTok is full of silly dances and trends, his celebrity becomes more apparent when you scroll his Instagram to find behind-the-scenes photo galleries and magazine shoots. Even looking at Noah's best friend, co-star Millie Bobbie Brown, it's clear that he's made it in the industry.

Unfortunately, this renown doesn't always lead to the best experiences. Earlier in the summer, Noah received a DM from the rap star Doja Cat asking for him to reach out to co-star Joseph Quinn and tell him to hit her up. When Noah posted screenshots of the somewhat funny exchange, the rapper came back at him, calling Noah a "borderline snake." Although many fans and critics disapproved of Doja Cat's reaction, Noah apologized, admitting that he wasn't thinking when posting the DMs.

His Will-egacy Lives On

Despite the drama and the fame, Noah Schnapp has proven to have a good head on his shoulders, making him lovable on and off the screen. And recently, fans have really been singing his praises after the actor confirmed that his character Will Byers is gay. Because the Duffer Brothers hadn't made this announcement, despite many clear hints within the show, Noah's verification made many "Stranger Things" followers feel seen and appreciative of the young star.

All in all, Noah Schnapp should most definitely be your new fave. Whether you're looking for a heart-wrenching performance or a lifeguard to save you from drowning, he will absolutely be there for you. We can't wait to see what Noah gets into next.


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