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My Week of Self-Care: A Photo Essay

Make the time, it's worth it.

As a college student, living in a house with friends and working, I feel like an adult with training wheels. I’m not completely on my own, but I’m still responsible for paying bills and making sure the front door’s locked at night. It’s fun, intimidating, and stressful.

I finally know what my mom meant when she said that days should have more than 24 hours. There’s never enough time to do it all. To keep up with studying, working, writing, and living the college life to the fullest. In the midst of all the living we’re doing, we forget to carve out time for ourselves to relax, refocus, and re-energize.

When it feels like time is of the essence, self-care can feel more like a chore than a pleasure. But at the end of the week, I genuinely feel calmer and happier, when I manage to take the time to spend with myself. I promise, an hour away from studying or being ~productive~ won’t kill you!

To keep myself on track, I enlisted my best friend to do a self-care week with me.



Bachelor Monday and Sparkling Rose with your BFF is the perfect way to start your week.

(Unpopular opinion: Queen Victoria was the highlight of the season)



The bath was perfectly relaxing, and I was enjoying my reading until my book decided to take a dip… nothing a blow-dryer can’t fix!



This was one of my favorite activities.

My friends and I always talk about going, but either forget by the end of the day or refuse to take the drive anywhere. Trudging through the slushy snow every day was really inspiring me to somehow, someway sink my toes into the sand.

Isn’t the beach everyone’s happy place, even in the cold?

There’s something about sunsets that are so calming and healing. They don’t usually last more than a couple minutes, depending on where you live and the season, so you have to soak up every moment before it’s gone.



Thursday night was spent on the couch with my good, old friends, Ben & Jerry.



It's time to make "Face mask Friday" a thing!

I don’t like to put a lot of products on my face, so I found this all-natural avocado and oat facemask recipe. To keep this as stress-free as possible, we just used what we had in our house. We mashed up an avocado and blended oats with a drizzle of honey, and it was the perfect, gentle facemask!

Here’s the link to our inspo, but if you don’t have this stuff lying around, an avocado will do :)



Listening to music alone in my room, no phone!

There’s a certain depth to time alone.

We all think differently and feel differently when we’re not surrounded by the distraction of socializing with others. Introspection is easier for me with a soundtrack. Listening to my favorite songs sparks reflection on times in my life when the song meant something else to me. Lyrics are the best prompts for self-reflection and contemplation.



I hit snooze twice, but sleep is a must. You can’t study efficiently or do anything really if you’re exhausted!

Think about what self-care means to you, and embrace it. That's what makes it so enjoyable and meaningful. Whatever you choose to do to soothe your mind and soul, will enhance your happiness.


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