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Melissa L. Williams Talks "Ruthless," Tyler Perry, and Her Next Project

We spoke to Tyler Perry's muse, Melissa L. Williams, about everything and anything of the third season of "Ruthless."

Photo courtesy of Melissa Williams

What has been your favorite memory from "Ruthless" and how has it been different from your past roles?

My favorite memory is when Malcolm reveals and confirms that Andrew is an undercover agent. Ruth is different from my past roles because she is such a badass. In the third season, she is embracing a new role which requires a new self and I really relate to that!

What captured your attention about this role?

When Tyler Perry called me to offer the roller of Ruth, of course I said yes! I still had to audition, special thanks to Kim Coleman. I decided to audition because I wanted the job and believed I was the best person for the role.

What advice would you have for a young actress who is about to join this industry?

I get asked this question a lot. I will just give advice that I would have given to my younger self knowing what I know now. If acting is something you are fiercely passionate about, you have to learn your craft. Whether that’s taking a class or watching free classes on YouTube, researching, just engulf yourself with knowledge on the business side of the show. The best thing to do is make a list of agents and find a way to contact them when you have your materials, a reel and headshot/ resume. Stay grounded. Get in that gym. Become financially literate now. You got this!

When you're not working on a project, how do you spend your time?

I love going on vacation, adventurous activities and comedy shows. A fun fact most don’t know is that I sing. I’m finally releasing music this year.

What's next for you?

We love a good NDA over here! All I can say is that I am working on a couple remarkable things. Keep watching!


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