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Melanie Wozniak on Becoming a Fashion Icon


Not many people can look absolutely stunning at 8 A.M., but to no surprise, Melanie Wozniak is one of them. She brings a special vibrancy to our conversation, leaving a lasting impression about what it means to be young and successful. All of this, of course, while she is wearing her favorite gold earrings and mountain and moon statement chokers .

Melanie currently plays the role of Jack on ABC’s TV show ITCH, but her talents do not stop there. Her passion for harnessing her creative genius shines through with her sense of fashion. It’s no question that this young designer is an icon when it comes to being a fashion designer. During her third year at university she fell in love with menswear, more specifically, leather. “ I feel like womenswear is always touched, and I just felt like there was this space in menswear in particular that I just feel like not many people enter a lot of the time so that drew me in.”

Melanie saw a gap in the fashion industry and decided to turn it into an opportunity. Her latest collection came out this year. It was inspired by her love for travel, with the country man being the center of her design, and leather being used as the main focal point.

When the pandemic hit this year, Melanie knew she wanted to dedicate her time in quarantine to making something that would keep her creativity in shape. At first, she thought of designing suits. However, with manufacturers having to shut down due to COVID restrictions, she had to focus on something she could do from home. Her artistic and brilliant mind along with a local leather shop nearby was the answer to her design dilemma. Melanie resorted to what she knows best: creating pieces that mirror her unique cool look. Known as Melanie Wozniak Creative, her leather bags are the must-have accessory for everyone. Sleek, convenient, and unique, these bags reflect Melanie’s incredible taste and vision.

She wants for the bag to be something that everyone feels like wearing.

Being such a young accomplished designer and actress, Melanie hopes that people realize all of the hard work it takes in order for young people to achieve their goals.

“Things don’t come easy these days and I think that’s something people don’t realize a lot of the time. People just think ‘she’s so young and talented but what a fluke, she’s so lucky’, but it’s like no, I’ve worked my ass off,” she said.