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Megan Stott Gives Us Advice to Thrive in High School

The Little Fires Everywhere rising star talks her favorite character, 90's nostalgia, and gives the best advice to make the most out of high school.

Photo: Lilly K Photography

How was the auditioning process for the show? What drew you most to Izzy’s character?

The audition process was well thought out and everyone made me feel comfortable. When I first went in I was nervous because Izzy was new to me but it felt like she was always there. On the 2nd or 3rd audition, I met with Lynn Shelton and Liz Tiglar and I knew instantly that this was the role for me. They were both so loving and I had a really good feeling that they liked my work.

During casting, Lexi was in the office and we had met before at a workshop. It was nice seeing a familiar face and I had hopes she would get the role so we could work together. Then I met Gavin, Jordan, and Jade, and I was amazed at how closely we looked alike.

I was most drawn to Izzy’s love of music and her beautiful heart. When she plays her music it is desperate and from the soul. She is bringing out those emotions that she needs and wants from others. Izzy can fully embrace everything she is feeling when she plays and for her it’s equivalent to screaming into a pillow, only with her violin. I was also drawn in by her deep emotions and the many layers to her. In every scene she is peeling back a layer to show you who she really is.

By the end there is nothing left but a seed of who she is so she can start anew. 

Photo: Lilly K Photography

We got SERIOUS 90’s nostalgia from Little Fires. What’s something you’d bring to 2020 about life and fashion in the 90’s?

I loved getting to learn about life and fashion in the 90’s. I do have to say that Izzy’s style is sick! I  would say that I would bring the freedom of the 90’s to today's time. Kids were not attached to phones and they did not stay inside all day. Kids ran around and were able to have fun without worry. I loved a lot of the music as well. 

Photo: Lilly K Photography

Aside from Izzy, who do you think is the most interesting character in the show and why?

I think that Elena is a very interesting character. She has much inner conflict throughout the series that she ends up projecting onto her kids, most specifically Izzy. Elena has tried hard in her life to do what she feels is right and follow these rules. She neglects to see that those rules don't always apply to her family or her children individually. She doesn’t even see that these rules that she is so tied to have become a part of her fabric.

Elena believes herself to be a good mother but expects her kids to be perfect. The perfect based on her perspective is not an individualized perspective. Elena struggles and follows guidelines that even she can’t explain. 

What does it mean to be young in America today?

To be young in America is a great thing. We have so much privilege just in being born here. We have so many opportunities available. As young Americans, we are still learning and still growing. We have a voice and want to be heard. Our generation has the opportunity to make great things happen.

Photo: Lilly K Photography

In Little Fires Everywhere, Izzy fights to preserve her identity in a world that is constantly trying to change her. As someone who is about to graduate high school, we’d love to get your insight on what you’ve learned, both from Izzy and your personal experience, about being existing loudly as a young person. 

I have learned so much from Izzy.

Izzy taught me about privilege and privilege comes in many ways with many different faces. I think LFE touches upon some of the many different layers of privilege, from the simple to profound.

One end of the spectrum is when Mia expects Lexie to wash out her own cup for once. It's so simple but so important to recognize it is still privilege. Lexie hasn't had to do that before, or had the expectation of chores. A more powerful example that comes to mind is when Mia tells Elena that she didn’t make good choices, she had good choices. That line in particular really struck me. Your different experiences shape your understanding and it is very common for people to not even realize the privilege they have benefited from. I hope viewers come away from this show with a more conscious awareness of the privilege that exists in our society. 

I believe in not letting anyone shape you, being strong in who you are and standing up for yourself. Follow your dreams because all things are possible.

Megan's advice on thriving in high school:

1) Be kind to others! Saying hello or even giving a smile can make someone's day. 

2) Get good grades. 

3) Listen to your parents. They have lived their lives and could have good advice on issues you are facing. Never be scared to communicate with those around you.

4) Develop healthy habits!

5) HAVE FUN!!!!

6) Follow your dreams and don’t make excuses for not accomplishing them.

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