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Meet TikTok Dancers, Vik White & Aubrey Fisher

From "So You Think You Can Dance" and sharing original choreography on YouTube to viral TikTok influencers, every day is a chance for Vik White and Aubrey Fisher to improve their craft, do what they love, and perform with confidence.

Vik White and Aubrey Fisher went viral from The Box TikTok challenge.
Design: Branden Dwyer

When I asked Vik White (also known as Slavik Pustovoytov) and Aubrey Fisher what they do when they aren’t choreographing fresh new dance moves for TikTok, their answers were surprisingly normal. You can often catch these two hanging out at each other’s house, in the streets of Hollywood and Los Angeles, cracking jokes, and sharing clothes whenever the other needs a new fit.

Laughing, Vik tells me it might be weird, but the two are literally the same size, shoe and all. In their TikToks, they are always sportin’ the freshest street style looks from their fave brand: boohooMan. Even Ellen Degeneres gifted them short-sleeve hoodies to add to their collection when they appeared on her show this past April. And while these Tiktokers hit the gym and chill with friends on the reg, dance still represents everything to them.

“Every day is like something needs to evolve, needs to get better, our lives revolve around that,” says Vik about their dancing.

Being primarily self-taught, Vik and Aubrey embarked on their own journeys before becoming friends and creating videos together. Aubrey recalls how he slid into Vik’s DMs on Instagram to collab, but Vik never responded (much like my childhood crush lol). Connected by a few mutual friends and one reply from Vik later, these two began growing their social media platforms together. First, their videos became successful on Instagram and since taking their talents to TikTok, they’ve blown up there too. After two years of working together, they have gained millions of followers combined.

After watching them perform on Hollywood Boulevard or Santa Monica, it’s hard to imagine these two guys as anything but dancers. However, their journeys to fame are quite unique.