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Meet Ed Eason from Netflix's "The Circle"

Interview by Hector Gutierrez

Photo: Netflix

We're still talking about Netflix's latest reality show "The Circle," and for good reason. Not only have the contestants become social media icons, but I see memes about them every time I'm scrolling through Twitter.

Someone that always pops up in these memes is Ed Eason, known on the show as just "Ed." He's competitive, funny, and never backs down from a fight. Ed simply says it like it is. With his mom, Tammy, by his side, Ed took the meaning of catfish to a whole new level.

I mean, is it really catfishing if your mom has a fifty percent say on what you post?

I personally think this catfishing wouldn't help anybody. Let's face it, moms see us as the best version of ourselves all the time. They would post the worst pictures of you, curse at anyone who called you fake, and invite people over for dinner after the first date.

Hard pass.

But Tammy is different. Ed and her have an incredible dynamic, and are always on the same page. They are also very strategic players when it comes down to it.

"You have the potential to be a heavy hitter in this game," said Tammy right after Rebecca, aka Sean, called out Ed on the group chat for "not being real."

Not even Jerry from "Cheer" is that optimistic.

But like Tammy said, I'll let Ed tell us "in his little, twenty-year-old slang."