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Meet Ed Eason from Netflix's "The Circle"

Interview by Hector Gutierrez

Photo: Netflix

We're still talking about Netflix's latest reality show "The Circle," and for good reason. Not only have the contestants become social media icons, but I see memes about them every time I'm scrolling through Twitter.

Someone that always pops up in these memes is Ed Eason, known on the show as just "Ed." He's competitive, funny, and never backs down from a fight. Ed simply says it like it is. With his mom, Tammy, by his side, Ed took the meaning of catfish to a whole new level.

I mean, is it really catfishing if your mom has a fifty percent say on what you post?

I personally think this catfishing wouldn't help anybody. Let's face it, moms see us as the best version of ourselves all the time. They would post the worst pictures of you, curse at anyone who called you fake, and invite people over for dinner after the first date.

Hard pass.

But Tammy is different. Ed and her have an incredible dynamic, and are always on the same page. They are also very strategic players when it comes down to it.

"You have the potential to be a heavy hitter in this game," said Tammy right after Rebecca, aka Sean, called out Ed on the group chat for "not being real."

Not even Jerry from "Cheer" is that optimistic.

But like Tammy said, I'll let Ed tell us "in his little, twenty-year-old slang."

People absolutely LOVED all the contestants on the show. How was the process of getting casted for “The Circle?”

It was interesting and actually turned out to be more rigorous than I had expected. One day I received a random message on Instagram basically saying “Hey you seem like a cool dude, do you want to apply for this show?”

Completely random.

Never happened to me before. I said “What the hell!” and filled out an application. Then I was called in for an interview and I guess it went well because I was asked to come back for another interview. Then there was the questionnaires, endless forms, multiple psych evaluations (the written test was very long!), yada yada yada. Then it was kind of quiet for a couple weeks. But then boom! I got the call just a few before filming started that I’ve been casted! “Most dope!”

What was a typical day at the apartment like? What happened while there were no alerts, chats, or games?

While there were no alerts, games, or chats going on it was pretty dang quiet. A lot of sitting around, doodling, singing random songs, staring off into space, that sort of stuff lol. Didn’t even have a clock so I had no idea what time it was. Just ate when we were hungry.

Sometimes a producer would check in on us to make sure the sanity was still there, but other than that it was quiet as sh*t lol.

We did get some gym time which was nice. I like me some lifting so it was good to get out of the apartment to exercise. 

Photo: Netflix

Did you have privacy or freedom at all? 

Not really any privacy, cameras were all over the house rolling 24/7. It didn’t bother me, though. They actually said to yell out when you were using the bathroom so they could turn the cameras, but sometimes I forgot lol no shame.

Could have used a little more freedom. Like opening the windows for example lol. It was hot and any breeze would have helped. But it was lock down in there! Nothing goes in or out of that apartment! Not even wind! 

If you could pick any of the contestants’ pictures to use for catfishing, who would you pick? 

Shubham no doubt. Easily the most likeable guy from his pictures. A quick glance at all the profiles and I knew immediately that man was a living legend.

Photo: Ed Eason's Instagram

Did you have a funny or interesting off-camera/ behind the scenes moment? 

Not really, the cameras were always on lol. There wasn’t much off camera time. There was some good goofing around going on when filming the intro video and promo stuff though. 

Has the show changed the way you show yourself and your life through social media? 

To be honest I don’t think it's changed much.

If anything I’m just going to post more of me and things I do everyday because ultimately I learned from the show that people like you for YOU!
You shine the best when you’re yourself so let people see it.

And don’t hold it back either. That’s what I’m going to do, not hold back anything. Give people 100% Ed. 

What advice do you have for future players of “The Circle?” 

I would say that no matter what your strategy, go all in. Whether you are yourself or someone else (I mean in real life definitely be yourself, but I feel like in the game you could make it pretty damn far being someone else lol but I digress).

Leave nothing left unsaid and let your personality shine. Don’t hold back. Tell people your opinions, let your voice be heard. When you’re being genuine, people will know. But also have fun with it!

Make friends and just enjoy the game! 


Watch "The Circle" on Netflix


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