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Me and My Bumble Date Have a Conversation About the 97%

A real, uncut transcription of this important conversation I had with a guy I met on Bumble.

Source: Pinterest

10:13 PM - Monday night, in the trunk of his car.

We’re sitting in front of each other with my phone laying in the space between us.

Me: “How do you feel about the 97%?”

Him: “What’s the 97%?”

I was kind of shocked until I realized that this is something that doesn't directly affect him in the same way it affects me.

Me: “The 97% is the percentage of females that have been sexually harrassed.”

Him: “Oh…”

*Silently looking at each other*

Me: “How does that number make you feel?”

Him: “Kind of scared because it looks bad on us guys who just want to do something nice and take a girl out.”

Me: “I think it’s traumatizing and frustrating to see how many women have had to and still have to endure this bullshit treatment.”