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A Fashion Show in Prison, "Location Doesn't Determine Destination"

After a prison fashion show goes viral on social media, the man behind the designs is punished for his creativity.

Rashod Stanley was sent to solitary confinement for putting up a fashion show in prison, which went viral on TikTok
Photo: @2500shod (Rashod Stanley on Instagram)

Rashod Stanley, whose video first went viral April of 2019, is the creative mind behind the prison fashion show that circled social media platforms for weeks.

Going by the handle @2500shod on Instagram, Stanley’s brand, The Trenches, is currently being run by his mother, Renita Mitchell. His videos were posted by her as well.

Rashod’s motto is “location doesn’t determine destination.”

His mother further explained the meaning behind this phrase, “He is physically incarcerated, but his mind is not incarcerated. You can still do things that you want to do.”

According to Stanley’s mother, Rashod began to express his interest in fashion probably around middle school. "He was into trends and staying on top of his style game throughout high school as well."

His appreciation and gift for fashion began to shine through when Rashod created his own logo and started his brand, The Trenches, while still in high school. The phrase “trenches” refers to an upbringing, or area, that usually consists of financial difficulties, crime, and violence.