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King Vader Is Taking Anime to a Whole New Level

We caught up with popular Youtube creator about bridging anime and hip-hop, the fifth season of Vader, and the anime series that shaped his work.

Dominique Barrett, better known from his internet name, King Vader, is one of the most versatile and talented creators you will find on Youtube. He directs, writes, produces, and edits his hugely popular channel, King Vader, on Youtube. A reflection of his passions, Vader unites the world of anime and hip-hop with unique and creative parodies that pay tribute to his favorite artists and anime series. Some of his parodies, like Hood Naruto Episode 3 have over 20 million views. You won't find a lot of young creators out there who do as much as King Vader.

"My first anime was Dragon Ball Z: Broly movie, but the first anime I actually sat down, watched and paid attention to was Naruto. And Naruto is one of my top 10 favorite anime series, even to this day," Vader said about his first experience with anime.

The 24-year-old creator had his beginnings in Vine, the popular app that preceded TikTok. He had 500,000 followers there. But as most people know, Vine's popularity and existence was short lived. When the app announced it was going away, King Vader began questioning everything.

Not too long after the app went down, King Vader decided to transport his content to Youtube. It represented a challenge, considering the opposing structure of both platforms, for when you are as creative and hard-working as him, it's hard to imagine

"It took some adjustment. It's definitely different from creating a six-second Vine. Even though I posted short content on there, I always felt like long-form content was what I was creating. That's why Youtube came naturally," he said.

It doesn't matter if you're a life-long fan of Anime or if this is the first time you're being introduced it to. Vader has a unique way to grab your attention from the very first second of a video. He uses special effects, music, and his talented acting to pull you into his world. Not only is what you see on screen stunning, but knowing that someone as talented as Vader is also behind the writing, directing, and producing the material you're seeing makes it even more special.

Vader Directs and Stars in New Miniseries, "Netflix Dreams"

Aside from his work on his own channels, Vader began working with production powerhouse Netflix on a miniseries called "Netflix Dreams." Capitalizing on King Vader's signature style, the episodes include are renditions to pop culture. For example, the first episode "The Raincoat Academy" pays tribute to another Netflix production, "The Umbrella Academy." This unique project where Vader directs and stars in also made him one of the youngest ever African American directors work with the streaming network.

So what's Vader currently producing on Youtube?

The talented creator is currently working on a variety of projects. Vader Season 5 is a collection of 10 short films, skits, and feature length films where he does about pretty much everything. The fifth season will conclude with the feature film Blade vs. Ghost Rider on September 20th of this year. This special installment explores a world with Blade and Ghost Rider facing off in an epic battle. If you're not familiar with the characters or the storylines, it's about time you catch up and head to King Vader's Youtube channel to experience his talent. You don't have to take our word for it, listen to the 2.6 million subscribers that adore and follow Vader's projects. Despite Vader's huge grwing


Follow King Vader on Instagram for the latest updates on his projects and subscribe to his Youtube channel for some amazing content.


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