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How Jack Edwards Became the Internet's Resident Librarian

From his favorite celebrity books to the inspiration behind his iconic videos, the British content creator spent a day with us in New York talking about what he loves most.

British Youtuber and content creator Jack Ben Edwards has grown as one of the internet's most beloved book influencers. Most recently, Jack Edwards moved to New York City to attend a writing class, as well as, continue to create and share content that inspires people to read. For the cover of TRLBLZR by MUD for Novemember, we caught up with Jack at the MET steps to discuss his favorite celebrity book list, the inspiration behind his book videos, and more. Interview with Jack Edwards.
Photo: @cristigtzname

Jack Edwards has not been inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art yet, but it’s on his list. The list, which he has curated from friends, TikToks about New York, and of course, books, includes everything from the trendiest thrift stores in the East Village to the bright spots that plague his route to writing class in Times Square.

His favorite city spot so far? Coffeeshops.

“There’s something so ironic about bringing a book to a coffeeshop and not reading a single word because everything happening around you is too interesting,” the British Youtuber said. “The best thing in this city is to go to a cafe and people-watch. I could do it all day and not be tired of it. It’s a unique thing to New York.”

In the past year, Jack has grown tremendously on the internet. His social media accounts, which he describes as a close-knit community rather than individual platforms, now amount to more than two million followers. Whether it’s by studying a particular trend of books or concocting novel-inspired Halloween costumes, Jack has been engaging people of all ages and helping them become avid readers. His power and influence over what TikTok, specifically Gen-Z readers are consuming is undeniable.