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It’s Ok to like Vanilla Sex & How to Set Boundaries during Casual Hookups

Hookups are already a wild ride. Here’s what to do if someone wants to do some Fifty Shades of Gray shit.

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So you’re entering your (there’s no better way to put it) hoe phase. Great. Most of us have gone through one or are going to at some point in life. And it's time to be a sexually liberated woman.

At some point in time, whether in-person during a hookup or over text, you’re going to be asked or offered to do a bunch of kinky, sometimes hardcore, shit. If you are a pro at these situations keep scrolling, but if that brings you any kind of nerves, stick around:

Let’s talk about it.

Here is the main takeaway: do whatever you and your partner(s) want during sex, but only with the understanding that nothing is assumed during sex. If they assume violence is an integral part of sex and not an act that is to be talked out and discussed, then that is a big red flag.

The name of the game is communication. Here is our guide to navigating those conversations: