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Is She A Fashion Icon? Or Is She Just Skinny...

It’s no secret the fashion industry has had an unfortunate obsession with skinny culture for decades, but you may not realize this has likely affected the way you see fashionable people too…

Let’s not forget Victoria’s Secret’s annual fashion show was canceled indefinitely due to its inability to become more inclusive. I mean, they referred to Barbara Palvin, a size 6 model, as their first plus size model.

This constant image of skinny being beautiful and the ideal way of looking has created generations of people who subconsciously see an outfit on a thin model and will think it’s fashion, while the same outfit on a woman of a curvier or larger frame would not be taken seriously.

In the fashion world now, supermodels and Instagram influencers are seemingly in charge of trends. The issue with the concepts of “fashion” on the Internet is the likelihood that these images we consume on the daily are almost always photoshopped and edited.

The obsession with thin women and everything they do is evident on almost any social media app. For instance, Pinterest.

Open Pinterest and search up any outfit, whether you’re searching for “black leather pants fit” or “leggings”, nearly every image that pops up is of a thin woman.

TikTokers have begun to examine and test this theory that anything thin women wear is immediately deemed “iconic”. TikTokers like @sanrizzle, @senorapattinson, and @trashcanbarbie, among others, have challenged and proven this concept of thin privilege when it comes to fashionable statuses.

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