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Conversation with "Emily in Paris's" Samuel Arnold

For the second season, Samuel reprised his role as Julien the chic and judgmental fashion-forward co-worker to Emily, played by Lily Collins.

Who plays Julien in Emily in Pairs? Actor Samuel Arnold reprises his role in the second season as Emily (Lily Collins') french extravagant, judgmental, and fashionable friend and co-worker.
Photo: Netflix

We’re thrilled for the new season of Emily in Paris! In your opinion, how is this season different from the first?

In the first season we discover Emily. We get to know who she is and what she does… In season 2 we get to dive a bit more into the characters that surround her in Paris. More is happening, there are more storylines, It is more exciting.

There was a lot of conversation about how the series portrays French people and French culture. Is this something that influenced the second season?

I feel like the feedback from season one influenced the second season for the best. There is more diversity, the French language is often used… There is always room for improvement and I believe that everybody I am working with is doing everything they can to give the best story to the audience.

Your character became an iconic and much needed friend to Emily as season one progressed. How do you think Julien has changed from last season to this season?

Julien evolved a lot from season one. He gets to be way more involved at SAVOIR and we discover his competitive, and ambitious spirit.

Emily in Paris is known for the outfits, which went viral on social media last year. Julien is clearly a character who thrives in this area. How does your style and his compare or differ?

Julien lives for fashion, it’s his passion. I, on the other hand, love nice clothes but I’m ok wearing a simple t-shirt and trousers.


Follow Samuel Arnold on Instagram. The second season of Emily in Paris is out now, available only on Netflix.


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