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Ignore These Misconceptions About Your Twenties

We’ve all felt the pressure to have it figured out.

Unsplash | Felix Rostig

Some people—well, usually older adults—say that in your twenties you basically need to have your whole life figured out, on a personal and professional level. But it’s unrealistic to expect everyone to achieve something by a certain age. Society has pressured 20-somethings with expectations of success, almost like it needs to be achieved now or never. Obviously, older generations came of age in very different times, so it’s not fair to compare the successes of our generation to theirs.

The age you complete a goal isn’t more important than the goal itself.

Even with the COVID pandemic slowing everything down, it seems like our parents’ or our grandparents’ misconceptions about our twenties are not changing. I still hear the when-I-was-your-age-I-was-married-with-two-kids-and-a-house spiel from every soccer mom with a choppy haircut. I'm sorry, Karen, but maybe those aren’t my goals at the moment. Gen- Z young adults have also been sidetracked by an entire pandemic, so it’s normal that things seem to be developing slower for us.



Our twenties are the first decade of our adulthood. We need to be allowed to make mistakes, question ourselves, and try out different paths in order to discover what we like and dislike.

And yet, these misconceptions prevail, making our twenties feel more daunting than experimental. Here are six that you may have heard once or twice.

In your twenties, you should (not):

1. Move out of your parents’ house and/or have your own place:

This is a big one. It doesn't make sense that—especially with the inflation in our economy—we’re expected to have enough money to rent an apartment. And without roommates? Forget it. Also, if our university or work is close to home, and our parents are okay with us staying home, why would we move? It seems unnecessary, rushed, and—ironically—like a financial blunder. They expect us to give up free rent, food, and laundry services for a sh