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If They Do This...RUN

Oddly specific but deadly relationship red flags.

When you’re in a relationship, it can be easy to get swept up in the ‘honeymoon phase.’ Everything about them seems absolutely perfect...until the ‘honeymoon phase’ wears off and suddenly everything they do drives you fucking crazy.

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Sometimes it’s not til the relationship’s over that you realize where things went wrong. It’s super important to recognize potential red flags early on, that way you can avoid getting hurt by them in the future.

Certain red flags, like them constantly bringing up their exes or taking forever to answer your texts, are pretty obvious. But it’s always the less noticeable ones that are the deadliest. For your convenience, here’s a list of some weirdly specific but dangerous red flags to look out for next time you’re in a relationship.

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1. If they think they’re special for liking old music more than new music.

There’s nothing wrong with liking older music. But if they think they’re ~different~ for liking the careful.

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2. If they listen to Joe Rogan’s podcast.

Personally, I do not listen to Joe Rogan. I don’t even know who that man is. He could be a great guy for all I know. But the vibes his fans give off are a bit... questionable TBH.

3. If they have a picture of the Powerpuff Girls or a Bratz doll as their profile.

You know what pictures I’m talking about. These people are probably really nice but will DESTROY you on Twitter if you’re not careful.

4. If they follow any of these celebrities on social media:

-Elon Musk

-Jake Paul

-Jeffree Star

-Tana Mongeau

-James Charles

Enough said.

5. If they’re in your political science class or your film class.

I can safely say from personal experience these are the most dangerous people out there. If you feel like watching Pulp Fiction every night or listening to hour-long rants about why they’re going to be the next president, be my guest. Otherwise, steer clear.

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6. If they don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom.

Do I really need to explain this one?

7. If they unironically use hashtags when posting selfies.

Imagine having a crush on someone and stalking them on Insta only to find out they’re still using shit like ‘#selfie’ on their pics. You’re telling me that’s not suspicious?

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8. If they say ‘You’re not like other girls’ OR if they say ‘I just get along better with guys’

Both seem kinda innocent at first, but trust me it’s bad. Just say you’re sexist and go.

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9. If they blame their toxic behavior on their zodiac sign.

No, you’re not just ‘being a Gemini’’re literally gaslighting me.

10. If they take articles like this too seriously.

It’s really not that deep…




Or is it?

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