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3 Reasons Why We Still Love iCarly

How rewatching this show has brought significant nostalgia in my life.


If you haven’t heard the news, “iCarly” is back! The hit teen show from Nickelodeon has been brought back on Netflix, and Gen Z is having a day! The show, which aired on television from 2007-2012, features Miranda Cosgrove, Jennette McCurdy, and Nathan Cress as three best friends who run a hit webcast. The show follows the trio and their day to day life as internet stars. Now, why are people who are now into their twenties so excited about a kids show?

It’s Still Funny

I know we have grown up in age, but some of the slapstick humor still gets us laughing. After rewatching iCarly these past couple of weeks with my roommates, I couldn’t begin to tell you how enamored we were with Spencer’s zany behavior or even still getting a kick out of Gibby when he does….well, anything! Plus, now that we are older there are a lot of jokes that went right over our head when we were younger. I definitely found it amusing how they seamlessly snuck dirty humor into a kid’s show.

(iCarly-Google Images)

A Simpler Time

I think it reminds us of a different time in our lives. I know for me personally, this show was a staple on my TV when I would get home from middle school. A time where responsibilities, exams, lack of sleep, and relationships didn’t even scratch the surface of my problems. All I had to do was be a kid. I think watching it reminds us all of a time where life didn’t have to be stressful, we weren’t worried about job placement, student loan debt, and meeting parental expectations.

(iCarly-Google Images)

A Reboot is Coming

For diehard iCarly fans, there’s quite a bit of excitement at the news that the show will see a revival this year. According to Variety, Paramount Plus has ordered a revival of the hit show that will reunite Cosgrove, Kress, and Trainor (unfortunately no Jennette McCurdy).

(via Instagram-mirandacosgrove)

So naturally, fans have flocked to streaming services to rewatch and refresh themselves with the show before the anticipated reboot airs. The iCarly reboot is believed to come out later this year, but no official date has been released.


Regardless, the show is back! It is a bit corny, but what show wasn’t growing up!? So if you miss Random Dancing, building managers with warts, and Gibby, I would highly recommend going back and watching “iCarly”. If you have never seen it before...first it A.S.A.P. –and then watch it again. I promise you won’t regret it, and you’ll have an excuse to grab some friends and make spaghetti tacos!


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