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I Cheated On My Club Penguin Boyfriend — This Is What It Taught Me

With the digital world expanding, lessons in friendship and love are found in all places... I just didn’t think the Ski Village would be one of them.

For the record, I was like ten.

There I was, chilling in the ski village — minding my own damn business — when I saw him. The penguin who’s heart I’d eventually break. Now before I go further, let me clarify one thing. I never intended to break his heart. I didn’t take him to the Pizza Parlor with the intention of throwing his feelings in a blender, it just...sorta...happened.

For the five hours I was online, I was convinced I’d found my one true love. I took him to get his first puffle from the Pet Shop, he took me to the Lighthouse (where he asked me out), and later I invited him over to my igloo (ten-year-old me had some fricken balls). 

He was the first boy I ever loved… at least until my mom called me down for lunch.