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  • Soph

I Bought Crystals To Calm My Nerves

I don't care what they say about crystals, placebo or not this shit really worked!

I’m no stranger to the sleepless nights, stress-induced meltdowns, and the moments I’m barely holding myself together. I have battled anxiety every day for half my life, and I’ve come to realize that some days are far better than others. Still, I always fear the world falling apart if I remove a single aspect from my carefully planned routine.

When Covid struck the world, everything I was so accustomed to was suddenly gone. I couldn’t go out and see my friends or occupy myself with work. Instead, I was isolated from the world I knew, left battling my own self-destructive thoughts. Though these feelings of isolation weren’t uncommon to many, this was the first time I truly experienced the sensation of emptiness on this level, which was only amplified by how disconnected I was from my support system.

People in my life have been so supportive; they’ve given me essential oils, coloring books, meditation guides, and poetry books. However, none of them worked the way a black onyx necklace did, gifted to me by a close friend.

It wasn't much later that I was off to a local metaphysical shop purchasing every stone I saw that helped with anxiety. There was a large array of tarot cards, herbs, incense, and of course...CRYSTALS!!!! The shop held everything a practicing Wiccan or customer looking for a little magic could need.

Now I am NOT a crystal expert, but after only a few days of wearing my black onyx necklace, I felt soothed in a way I never have before. Suddenly, sleeping with rose quartz and amethyst under my pillow made me love myself more.