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I Bought Crystals To Calm My Nerves

I don't care what they say about crystals, placebo or not this shit really worked!

I’m no stranger to the sleepless nights, stress-induced meltdowns, and the moments I’m barely holding myself together. I have battled anxiety every day for half my life, and I’ve come to realize that some days are far better than others. Still, I always fear the world falling apart if I remove a single aspect from my carefully planned routine.

When Covid struck the world, everything I was so accustomed to was suddenly gone. I couldn’t go out and see my friends or occupy myself with work. Instead, I was isolated from the world I knew, left battling my own self-destructive thoughts. Though these feelings of isolation weren’t uncommon to many, this was the first time I truly experienced the sensation of emptiness on this level, which was only amplified by how disconnected I was from my support system.

People in my life have been so supportive; they’ve given me essential oils, coloring books, meditation guides, and poetry books. However, none of them worked the way a black onyx necklace did, gifted to me by a close friend.

It wasn't much later that I was off to a local metaphysical shop purchasing every stone I saw that helped with anxiety. There was a large array of tarot cards, herbs, incense, and of course...CRYSTALS!!!! The shop held everything a practicing Wiccan or customer looking for a little magic could need.

Now I am NOT a crystal expert, but after only a few days of wearing my black onyx necklace, I felt soothed in a way I never have before. Suddenly, sleeping with rose quartz and amethyst under my pillow made me love myself more.

Let me tell you… if I knew a rock was going to be the cure to my never-ending thoughts, I would’ve started buying crystals a long time ago.

While I was enjoying my newfound emotional freedom, many around me claimed I was simply experiencing a “placebo effect.” To put it in my own words, a placebo effect is the belief in a treatment that does not actually work. Truthfully, being told this didn’t make me the happiest of campers. I don’t judge people for the remedies they swear by, so why was I being judged for mine? When battling anxiety, I'll try everything I can to stop my screaming thoughts.

Being told my coping mechanism was “all in my head”, made me feel like my emotions weren’t valid.

I felt helpless.

If this relief of anxiety wasn’t real, would anything truly slow my racing mind?

Was it wrong that I wanted to silence the negativity?

I was able to find a sense of comfort in an unlikely place—in fact, people have found comfort in stranger places! As someone who battles anxiety daily, I understand how difficult it can be to find something that works. Conventional or not, I know how important it is to never judge another for their coping mechanisms, especially when I don’t know how hard they’ve fought to find it. Of course, it’s completely possible that the release I feel while holding a crystal is all in my head… but who the hell cares?! I would simply like to respond with this TikTok, by delaluna27:

So what if I have some pretty colored rocks with some pretty cool energy? If it works, it works. I do not owe anyone an explanation for the healthy ways I am fighting my anxiety.

We give power to things we believe in.

Can I assure you these crystals are magic? No. But what I know for sure, is that the earth, time, and inner peace, heal what anxiety fights so hard to destroy. It tells me my boyfriend is mad at me, that my friends hate me, and that I’ll never succeed. But! with a few crystals in my pockets, or in my bra (don’t forget about your heart chakra ladies), I’m able to assure myself that I should accept all the love I deserve, because I am worth it.

Just because I don’t always see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

Moral of the story: it’s okay if your coping mechanism is unique AF!


Break something (safely), mix every bath bomb you can find, binge watch 3 shows, or exfoliate your whole damn body. Spread all the good vibes you can and do whatever it takes to free you from the ever-holding grasp of anxiety!


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