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Kouvr Annon Is Worth the Hype

The 21-year-old influencer opens up about her upbringing in Hawaii, filming the "Hype House" Netflix series, and her life in America's biggest content house.

Photo: Ben Pham | @phamousben

When Kouvr Annon arrived to Los Angeles, she had no plans to stay past three months.

The Hawaii native was used to a close-knit, personal setting where every face was familiar and the meaning of community carried weight. Her small-town upbringing flowed into her identity: genuine, laid back, and warm. Fast forward to now, Kouvr’s life sits on display for millions of strangers to see. Strangers that will never meet her, but feel entitled to the twenty four hours in her day.

It can place quite a toll on a 21-year-old.

As she became used to internet fame, Kouvr also had to deal with the culture shock of moving to Los Angeles. From the vast tributes that exist in pop culture, we know that the City of Angels is a beast of its own. As a hub for everyone who is trying to break into the entertainment industry, its character is often slandered for being superficial and transactional.

The belief is that in LA, everyone you meet wants something, and unless you can help them get it, they do not care about you.

Throw in the mix a ton of internet followers, a global pandemic, and the nostalgia of missing home, Kouvr was dealing with a lot. In fact, she admits that if it weren’t for her support system, LA could have been a short-lived chapter in her history.