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How to: UnCheugy-fy Your Bedroom

First of all, what the hell is cheugy?

Cheugy (choog-ee): tacky and overdone; whatever song you're sick of listening to on the radio.

I’ve been noticing a pattern with people’s bedroom decor: collages with 3 x 4 photos printed from Pinterest that say “Good Vibes” or LED lights that are changed based upon their mood. Red indicates sexy time and green means it’s time to watch “Shrek” for the third time this month.

Although aesthetics can help you find what you like, does your Barstool flag represent you?

Young adults find themselves moving back to their parents’ home or moving out on their own. Personally, if I came back to my Hannah Montana bedsheets, I would be miserable. I listen to ‘Best of Both Worlds’ very often, but I can’t wake up to Miley’s face every morning. It’s important to make your room represent who you are and your interests.

You’re the only one who sees your bedroom every day. You should be able to live in a space that makes you feel comfortable and surrounded by the things you like. Okay, yes the fake plants from Pier 1 Imports are cute.

However, there is more to you than whatever the market chooses to be trendy for the next three months.