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How to Start Journaling for Yourself, Not Because Your Friends Keep Telling You To

Do you feel like all your friends keep telling you how much they love journaling and that you should start, but every time you try you get stuck even after you bought a cute journal and a perfect pen? Don’t stress, use our curated journal prompts to get started.

Source: Pinterest

With journaling becoming a trending topic on social media, more and more young adults are taking to the activity to better their mental health. Having journaled for most of my life on and off, it wasn’t until last year that I started to journal consistently. I started by setting a goal to journal everyday either using prompts I found on social media or simply writing out my stream of consciousness, also known as a “mind dump.” Eventually, anytime I felt anxious or needed to work through something in my head I turned to my journal.

Once I made journaling a regular habit, it became a way for me to process my thoughts and work through my anxiety by putting it all down on paper. It became a safe space for my mind.

Even though social media is a great place to find information to better our mental health, the overabundance of advice often leaves us feeling overwhelmed. You can find info on how to find a good therapist, different types of meditation techniques, exercise routines to reduce stress, and of course how to start journaling.

There are many ways you can journal, and no approach is better than the other. You can use guided prompts, set intentions or goals, create theme lists, mind dump, or even jot down a poem.

Use our curated journal pages to get started.

Looking for more inspiration, follow @wellnesswithsoph and @joyishhhh on IG! Both share great journal prompts. And remember, the page is not judging you, so write whatever comes to you in the moment.

Journaling is for you, not your friends.


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