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How To Stay in Touch With Your Home Friends While in College

As the fall semester continues at full speed, you might realize that you haven't spoken or text with your high school friends in a while. Here's how to reconnect with them.

The first year of college is HARD. You get thrown into a complete new environment where you most likely don't know anyone. Between classes, adjusting to life in the dorms, and trying to meet new people, it's normal for time to zip by without you realizing it.

But as the weeks go by and you start to settle into the routine, you might suddenly remember that you've got an entire life outside of this campus. More importantly, that you haven't spoken to your friends or family in a minute. A very long minute.

Is it bad that you haven't texted your friends from home?

Before we show you different ways to reconnect with your social life from home, is important to ditch the guilt. You're not a bad friend for getting lost in the swing of things. College is hectic enough, and if you are attending school on a different city or state it can get even more busy. That is life. You shouldn't beat yourself over not being as in-touch or communicative as you hope, even if your friends for home have been.

The important thing is that you want to keep your friendships growing.

How can I reconnect with my friends if I haven't spoken them since the summer?

I won't sugar coat it: reconnecting with your friends can be a painful process. Not because of the guilt of being MIA for the last few weeks, but because their college experience is going to be completely different to yours (even if they're attending school near you).

As you start reaching out to friends, it's important that you keep in mind that their experiences can be positive, negative, or nothing at all. Your goal is to show them you care about your friendship, not seeing who's doing better or worse than the other.