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How to Make Your Own Honeycomb from Netflix's Squid Game

The second game has caused an uproar in social media, where users are wondering whether if it's real and how to make your own to play.

The Second Game consists on cutting out a shape off a honeycomb without breaking it.

If you've watched Netflix's new Korean original series, you have definitely wonder how you would fair in the games. While some of they are harder than others, each games counts with the added pressure of being eliminated. For most of them, eliminated players are taken out by either a gun shot from the ceiling or a guard carrying out the kill.

One of the games that's sparking a trend on social media is the second game, titled the Honeycomb. Contestants are given the option to choose a shape from the wall. There's a triangle, a circle, a star, and an umbrella. These shapes are placed in order of difficulty, the triangle being the easiest and the umbrella the most complicated.

Is the Honeycomb Game played in real life?

While it's not popular among children in America, you might be surprised to learn that his game is in fact played in Korea. Sugar honeycomb is a popular treat in Korea. Its sweet flavor combined with its crunchy texture make a delicious combination to satisfy your sweet tooth. In real life, the game can be played by seeing who can actually get the candy out without breaking it, and is thought of as a children’s game.

How to create your own honeycomb candy to play the game:

Youtuber Faith Maggy has dropped a tutorial on her Youtube channel on how to recreate the Squid Game sugar inspired honeycomb at home. Check out the tutorial below and let us know on Instagram if you managed to win the game.


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