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How To Make The Most Out Of College Like A Champ

College is that time to live out your early 20s with a better grasp on the world, while also rocking your post-high school glow-up.

Photo: Unplash

In high school, you’re figuring out your role in society and future career while your body is changing rapidly in more ways than you can describe. As your brain is essentially rewriting itself in real-time, it’s easy to make nonsensical decisions and lose out on opportunities you’ll never get back.

I found that during my freshman year of college I spent the majority of my time in a bubble and did not make the most of what college had to offer. It was high school all over again.

Then, the COVID-19 pandemic hit. It was the mid-spring 2020 semester of my freshman year and now I was forced to pack my bags and complete the rest of my college experience virtually. I once had ample opportunity to utilize my newfound freedom but for a whole year and a half, I was now stuck reflecting on everything I took for granted while sitting behind a computer screen.

As I entered my junior year of college, I now only had two years to make the most out of my college experience. It’s not every day you’re given a second chance, but this was mine and I was not going to throw it away, and neither should you.