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The Skin Care Routine Your Dermatologist Should Recommend

Did you ever think there could be a fun treatment plan for acne? Read on to think outside of the box. <3

AM: wash face with Glytone. Cover face with Aveeno SPF 30 lotion, then apply Clindamycin to trouble areas.

PM: wash face with Glytone. Mix a pea size amount of Tretinoin cream & Avene Tolerance lotion in your hand then apply evenly across your face.

Lather, rinse, and repeat daily.

What's my acne saga? Well, unfortunately, as soon as my summer glow (tan) began to fade, acne relentlessly swarmed my face and I've been tragically breaking out ever since. So above I described the skin care routine I've been prescribed and living by religiously for the last two months.

I'll never know what quite prompted my bad skin (I guess hormones...), but I feel obligated to mention that I do make a conscious effort to avoid common contributors to acne:

  1. Unhealthy eating: I admit, I consume a lot of sugar and dairy (but I have my whole life and never broke out like this before). Aside from my crippling sweet tooth, my actual meals are VERY healthy. Lots of greens, water, etc.

  2. Leaving make-up on for too long: Surprise, I don't wear makeup. I don't even know how to pick out foundation for myself or I would try to cover it up instead of "rocking" the acne.

  3. Not washing your face after a workout: I wash my face instantly after workouts. If I know I'll be home in 20 min or less I wait to get my dumb, expensive dermo face wash. Otherwise, I keep a pack of face wipes in my center console and use them right after my workout is over.

So I don't do the above bad habits, AND my incredibly tedious skin care routine isn't doing the trick.

What else is there?

Another common (but overlooked) contributor to acne is stress/not feeling happy.

According to Water's Edge Dermatology:

“When your fight-or-flight response is activated, the body releases stress hormones, such as cortisol and androgens,” Dr. Minni explained. “These hormones increase your skin's oil production, which can exacerbate acne.”

So naturally, being happy reduces stress and releases serotonin, endorphins, and most importantly, oxytocin. Happiness can aid in reducing acne.