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Valentine's Day, but You're in a Situationship

Don't ask me if I'm free on the 14th because I have no idea.

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- the awkward, in between stage where you both have feelings but it’s not official

- when you hangout, have sex, and act like you’re dating without the label

Situationships are always pretty inconvenient but on VALENTINE’S DAY? It’s literally the fucking worst.

Is he gonna take you out? Are you gonna ghost each other for the day just so you don’t even have to recognize the holiday exists?

The whole idea of Valentine’s Day is to celebrate your love or whatever with your significant other, but what the hell do you do when you’re not even sure where you stand with him?

“There’s this guy… we’ve talked every day for the last 3 months, and we finally went on our first date a few weeks ago, but I have no clue if he’s going to ask me out on a Valentine’s Date… I have no clue if he even likes me.”

First of all, to say I relate would be an understatement. I feel like I’ve been in this type of weird situation with every guy I’ve ever talked to.

Basically, what I always tell myself is to woman up (because women are strong too) and go after what I want.

Having already known this guy for a few months and having gotten past the first date, I would guess that there’s a good chance he might ask you out on Valentine’s Day.

I wouldn’t expect this whole extravagant date with the typical clichés of chocolates, roses, and all that mushy teddy bear crap, but it’ll be even better without it. Because you’re not official (yet?), you wouldn’t want to get too intense too fast with a whole romantic setup. A low-key date where you guys just continue to get to know each other is a better option.

Take advantage of all the love vibes floating through the air because February 14th would be a good day to grasp how he feels about you.

We need Cupid out here to strike him in the ass so he’ll confess his love for you. Wouldn't that make life so much easier?

If he doesn’t take the initiative to ask you out, he might not feel as connected to you as you do for him.

But girl, if this man is someone you’re not willing to pass up, then take the initiative yourself! Fuck the male stereotypes and ask him yourself.

Communication is key at every stage of a relationship- and especially when you’re in a situationship. Being open about the feels that are or are not present is the only way to get out of the grey zone.

Writing this piece has made me realize that I need to take my own advice.

Recently, I’ve reconnected with a guy from my past and things have been kinda nice. I missed having someone to talk to about stupid shit, and my best friend is definitely happy that I’m no longer bothering her every time I pick up my phone.

But with Valentine’s Day coming up, I’m stuck in my own mess.

We were close in the past so we definitely surpassed the small talk and the “what’s your favorite color?” questions, which is great, but it’s still too soon to start celebrating.

Also, I have this thing with labels and idk if I’m just high maintenance or completely noncommittal, but labels make me retract faster than any fucking thing on this planet.

Hence, situationship.

Don’t get me wrong, this is perfectly fine on every day EXCEPT February 14th.

I have no idea what’s about to happen on Valentine’s Day but a huge part of me is also saying, “who gives a fuck?”

Seriously, it’s just this made up holiday that allows stores to scam more money off of us. Not to mention the main reason why so many babies are born in November.

It’s also kinda malicious to single people and most definitely triggers my closeted middle school depression.

Knowing me, I’m probably going to ignore my situationship for the day, eat the chocolate that I (already) bought for myself, and binge watch The Vampire Diaries again because that show brings me more comfort than any man could.

So, it’s not the end of the world if you’re in a situationship on Valentine’s Day. Yeah, it’s a complete pain in the ass that will definitely cause you a bunch of unneeded stress, but it can also provide you with the clarification you needed from him.

If you’re not on his mind next Sunday, then your future with him probably isn’t looking too bright.

Personally, I think we should throw the whole damn holiday away, but this opinion could just be stemming from my inner loneliness.

So even though you're in this weird situationship right now, at the end of Sunday, February 14th, I really believe things will be cleared up for you. You'll either be moving back towards friends and your pink heart will vanish on Snapchat, OR you'll be telling everyone about your new boyfriend on February 15th. Let's pray for the latter...

At the end of the day just remember: Sunday is God’s day so rock the bed extra hard.


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