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How to Calm the Fuck Down

A Guide to Dealing with Anxiety and Stress.

Photo: Unsplash

I think we can all agree that anxiety is the worst.

It fucking sucks, and with a pandemic coming into the mix of an already super anxiety-inducing year, I think we all need to take a moment to calm the fuck down, but calming down can be hard.

How can anybody deal with all of this? Even thinking about it can make the most chill person freak. Well, freak not because not only can I, an anxious mess, learn to deal with anxiety, but I can teach you how to do it too.

“Sounds hard," I hear you say. Well, I promise, it really isn’t, and just like every article on Buzzfeed, there are 5 easy tips on how to deal with your stress and/or anxiety.

1.Eat Right

Photo: Unsplash

Usually, when people stress, they head for the comfort foods: chocolate bars, mac ‘n’ cheese, cake, etc. Even though they're delicious, they are (and this may come as a shock) not great for you. The best things to eat when combating the bitch that is anxiety is eating your fruits and veggies. I know they don’t all taste as good as a hot fudge sundae, but they make your body feel great and when your body feels good so will your brain. Plus, there are so many different healthy foods to choose from. Have you ever heard of a fruit called soursop? I didn’t. The sky’s the limit with all of the healthy foods you can try so go out and try them!

2. Take a Self-Care Day