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How To Be the Best Dressed Cousin at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving may look a little different this year due to COVID-19, but that doesn’t mean your outfit has to suffer. Here are some of my favorite Fall looks that will for sure turn heads at your socially-distant Thanksgiving table.

Balloon Sleeves

The turkey isn’t the only thing that has to be large on this holiday. The larger the sleeves the better. I am obsessed with the puffy sleeve look, it adds a little (pumpkin) ~spice~ to a blouse and will for sure give you the award for most stylish at the table.

Image: Nasty Gal

Sweater Dress

Add a belt to this outfit and you’re all set. Other than being cozy in this look, you will look runway ready in a knit sweater dress. Believe me, your cousin in a regular knit sweater will feel extra basic sitting next to you.

Image: SHEIN

Cropped Blazer

Nobody will argue with you about politics when you stunt on them with this look. It's a regular blazer's hotter older sister, something Elle Woods would wear to Thanksgiving. Let’s be honest everyone knows Elle Woods can win any dinner table argument .

Image: SHEIN

Faux Animal Print Maxi Skirt

Looking for something to pair with a plain black top? Here it is! Animal print looks like you tried so much harder with your look than you actually did. When debating between a plain skirt and an animal print skirt, always go for the animal print, it will bring your outfit up a notch every time.

Image: SHEIN

Matching Sweatsuit

If you just want to be comfortable this Thanksgiving rock a matching sweat-suit. Something fluffy or velour will make you extra comfortable especially after stuffing your face all day, you’ll thank yourself later.

Image: SHEIN

Leather Jacket

Something about a leather jacket just makes you seem like you have your shit together. Extra points if there’s faux-fur inside… it just adds more texture to the look.

Image: ASOS

Patterned Pants

Jeans can be worn any day, show off your fancy pants for Thanksgiving. Paired with the leather jacket, grey patterned pants will have everyone wondering when you got a sense of style.

Image: SHEIN

The holiday's are a perfect excuse to dress up and have fun with clothes. Show that dinner table what you’re made of and wear that best dressed cousin award proudly!


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