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How TikTok Could Help You Save Money

As college students, it’s a known fact we all want to save every bit of money that we can. What’s less obvious, however, is that there are TikTok pages that exist just to provide us with coupon and promo codes.

These pages are essentially just videos with discount codes that should work, sometimes for a limited time only, but they’re updated often.

Just a simple follow or search could help you save so much.

Here are 5 of these discount accounts we found:


This page gives out discount codes for a large variety of brands. Some being Nike, Urban Outfitters, LuluLemon, LED lights, Zaful, Glossier, Frankie’s Bikinis, etc.

2. @dealcheats

@dealcheats has codes for literally everything you could think of. From oil diffusers, and eyeshadow palettes to car jump starters and office chairs, this page has got you covered.

3. @amazoncodefinder

Amazon might usually have the best price, but sometimes the price isn’t low enough. This page has a variety of products and codes for your most frequent Amazon purchases.

Here’s a code for phone char