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How Sam Paige Is Leading the Conversation on Body Positivity

The TikTok activist, model, and dancer is changing how social media talks about the body positivity movement.

Sam Paige is the TikTok activist and dancer changing how social media talks about the body positivity movement (@sampaigepix).
Photo Courtesy of Sam Paige

How has the last year changed you, both as a creator and as a person?

This year has changed me as a creator because I take social media more seriously. It transformed from something has a hobby to a full time job. Which I love. As a person I get recognized in public which is crazy! It's made me think outside the box on things I didn't think were possible for my life (example traveling to Europe for 20 days) this year I grew so much as a person, I learned who my true friends are and where to focus my time and energy. I learned to love my body even more. At times we all need other peoples validation which has gotten me through times I wasn't so confident.

What has been the biggest moment of your life so far?

One of the biggest moments of my life this far was walking in Miami swim week for Boohoo. This year was really the first time curvy bodies had been included and it was incredible to be a part of that. I got to meet my fashion icon Lateica Thomas and walk in the SAME SHOW! It was also my first time meeting a lot of TikTokers.

What’s one thing you hope never changes?

One thing I hope never changes is how I feel about myself. Sometimes I feel like after being on the internet with a platform the hate or the negative comments suede peoples mindsets to change themselves. I just wanna continue to be healthy. If I do decide to change my body it's because of my own thoughts.

Sam Paige is the TikTok activist and dancer changing how social media talks about the body positivity movement (@sampaigepix).
Photo Courtesy of Sam Paige

What does it mean to be a creator in today’s world?

I think being a creator means waking up most days and making something you're prepared for the world to see. I think anyone can become a creator. It just a little passion and consistency. I am in shock every day that I get to say I'm a full time content creator. It's sorta something most young girls dream about.

Being a body positivity activist, what is some advice you can give to those that are struggling with body image? Best way to overcome these negative emotions?

Advice I'd give people who are struggling is that whatever you want to change about yourself is probably not an over night fix, I think accepting that everything takes time can be a hard pill to swallow. We all want instant gratification. So While you're actively trying to physically "better" yourself, mentally better yourself too. Stop putting yourself down and focus on the parts of your body you like. Then eventually you'll love it and start to accept the other stuff. For example being a young adult out of high school, I told myself I liked my waist and I didn't want to hid it any more. I slowly started wearing crop tops and bikinis, even though I didn't love my arms I started to just accept that that's what they would look like until I actively wanted to change them. And over time it has gotten me where I am today, I don't think about how big my arms are any more. I'm not worried someone else is going to think they are gross, because guess what even if they think that it doesn't


Sam Paige is the TikTok activist and dancer changing how social media talks about the body positivity movement (@sampaigepix).
Photo Courtesy of Sam Paige

Take us through a day in the life of a young model:

Most of my photo shoots are for me as a content creator, so I'll either have clothing from a brand deal or just need new content for Instagram. But on the occasion I'm modeling for small brands, I get ready sometimes I do my own hair and make up other times it's offered. I always have an iced coffee in hand and I just try my best. I'm so new to the fashion world. It definitely takes some practice. This year I walked in Miami swim week for boohoo and it was an incredible rush I hope to experience again in 2022! I want to model more and learn more about the fashion industry.

You have such a unique and incredible style when it comes to fashion. Tell us what inspires you looks and your favorite place to shop for clothes.

It's really exciting how much the plus size fashion world has changed in the past two years. Size options are finally available in trendy clothing and I took full advantage of that. I always wore clothing that fit over trying to squeeze my big body into trendy clothing but now I have options. Honestly what inspires me with my clothing options is to wear things that were even an option 5 years ago. I like picking pieces that are going to show off my curves. I love my waist and my booty so I try to accentuate my features.


This feature is part of our Trailblazers to Follow 2021 campaign, which is honoring artists, actors, and internet personalities that are changing the game. You can visit our Trailblazers portal for more interviews.


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