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How I Met My Sisters Boyfriend

Yeah, he’s nice … but I’ll still always believe that no one is good enough for my big sister (sorry Yan)

"My turn!" he said after I had picked my sister up

Key Points:

  • my sister is my best friend

  • we had not seen each other in months

  • her ex-boyfriend is a piece of shit, so the bar was pretty low

Side note: His name is Yan, but when I met him over FaceTime I thought my sister said Hwan, so ever since then I referred to him as Hwan. Now my mom calls him Yanissimo and my best friend calls him won-ton.

I walk into my house, backpack in one hand and duffel bag in the other.

The door slams and I hear my sister Caroline’s voice (she is uncontrollably, obnoxiously loud)


BANG! Both of my bags drop to the floor, I run around the corner to see my sister, and I tackle her in a hug, landing with my back on the couch and her on my side.

Then I tilt my head up…

"Oh, hey Hwan. Nice to meet ya."

As I’m looking up at his face upside down, clutching my sister, while he looks at my head with my neck awkwardly extended.

"Hey Mac, what’s up?" Hwan asked, probably scared to hear the answer.

And that was my first impression of my sister's boyfriend, Yan Alexander Maximillian Stransky. And yes, that is his full LEGAL name.

Anyway, I was surprised by how comfortable he seemed and how well he immediately fit in. Especially considering the fact that my friend asked if my sister had warned him beforehand. (Thanks, Dani... I'm not that psycho)

My sister wanted to take him for a drive around our hometown. So naturally, it being a Friday afternoon on a sunny day, I grabbed a drink for the ride since my sister was driving.

Yan looked at me and I was ready to be reprimanded for starting before 5pm, but instead, I got a “Oh shit, good idea Mac!”

He then proceeded to reach inside his bag to grab a beer. Immediately, I knew our very Irish family would like this kid. I mean, my sister's last boyfriend was previously banned from the house, but that’s another story. Like I said, the bar was low...