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Horror Is My Muse

"It is women who love horror. Gloat over it. Feed on it. Are nourished by it. Shudder and cling and cry out—and come back for more." -Bela Lugosi

PC: Gabriel (Unsplash)

Trigger Warning: Mentions of trauma and suicide.


Some horror stories exist on the pages of a book.

Some on television screens for the world's entertainment.

Some reside only in an artist's imagination.

Then there are the real ones—the horror stories of our lives.

My life.

My experiences. My fears. My traumas.

Everyone has a story to tell.

Abuse, neglect, and death... It changes us. It morphs us into new beings. It changes our views of the world and our outlook on life.

Maybe that’s why I love horror so much.

Because behind all the blood and gore, there’s a story that resonates with the emotionally scarred child in me. There’s a part of my life I can’t get back, and I watch it as it comes to life on a liquid crystal display, hoping to gain some sort of closure even though I know a movie will never truly give me that.